“If I no longer have back pain, why should I still be adjusted?” This is a common question that Chiropractors hear. Many patients equate the need for Chiropractic care with pain. While Chiropractic is a wonderful treatment for low back and sciatic pain, neck pain, and headaches, pain relief is not the only goal. The primary goal is to help enhance the function of your nervous system, and encourage proper blood flow and lymphatic drainage for all the cells and tissues of the body.


A time period when Chiropractic is very important is during pregnancy. This is a special time for women when taking care of the body is top priority in order to grow a baby! Regular checkups and adjustments to the pelvis is vital to ensure that baby has lots of room to grow and eventually move into proper head down positioning for birth. After baby is born, moms usually need extra care to help maintain good posture from nursing and help promote successful milk production.

Delivering a baby is hard work… so is being born! The descent through the birth canal can be difficult on a baby and little ones should be evaluated after delivery to promote proper spinal and cranial motion. Medical intervention can result in birth trauma from forceps use or vacuum extraction. When a baby’s joints are restricted and nervous system function is compromised, this could lead to symptoms such as colic, gas, constipation and difficulty latching.

Kids need Chiropractic too! Children encounter many physical stressors throughout the day from playing with siblings and participation in sports, to long periods of time spent on computers and gaming systems, and exposure to lots of new germs at school. Spinal checkups are important in these early years of development to check for scoliosis and poor posture. When is the last time you felt your child’s backpack? The weight of backpacks can lead to back pain and poor posture can contribute to headaches. Chronic and recurrent ear infections are often a result of poor middle ear drainage; gentle adjustments to the first cervical vertebra (atlas) and the cranial bones can reestablish proper drainage.

Another great time to be evaluated and adjusted is when you’re sick. When the joints of your neck are moving well, this promotes drainage from the head which can alleviate sinus congestion (also helpful for allergy sufferers). If you’ve been coughing non-stop, a checkup of your upper and middle back is important to help promote good communication from the nervous system to your lungs, and maintain good ribcage motion. When your lymphatic and vascular systems are working efficiently, this will also boost your immune system.

As you age, your joints need to keep moving in order to help prevent deterioration and arthritis. Chiropractic can help keep the body in motion allowing for exercise and good posture throughout your life. Doctors can also prescribe specific exercises and stretches, tailored to your needs as they change during the span of your life. Here at Riverview we believe that every body, from birth to death, needs periodic spinal checkups to help keep it functioning as best as possible. Talk to your Chiropractor if you have questions about wellness care or whether or not Chiropractic may be helpful for a specific problem you or a loved one is facing. Here’s to health!