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November 2018 Newsletter: Cranial Adjusting

November 2018 Newsletter by Alaina Rowswell-Kuliikowski DC DICCP Here in our offices at Riverview Chiropractic Health we are blessed with a practice sharing model of business. Each Chiropractor and Massage Therapist has his own practice. That practice shares an address and rents mutual space at Riverview Chiropractic Health. By sharing an address, we are able to…


August 2018 Newsletter: CBD Oil

August 2018 Newsletter What is CBD Oil? by Dr. Danielle Tomko Lately, it seems that everyone is talking about CBD oil, but what exactly is it? Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of over 100 cannabinoids which can be extracted from the leaves and flowers of cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are chemicals found within the cannabis plant that…


July 2018 Newsletter: Trigger Points

July 2018 Newsletter All About Trigger Points by Dr. Jeremiah Davis Our first new patient orientation/ triggerpoint class was held on June 27th. Interest in attending was expressed on the part of new patients as well as our existing patient population. Perhaps you wanted to attend, but your schedule just wouldn’t allow it. We realize that…


June 2018 Newsletter: Hypermobility of Joints

June 2018 Newsletter Hypermobility of Joints by Alaina Rowswell-Kuliikowski DC DICCP Many times in my office, I meet a young person who has developed a habit of cracking some joints. Oftentimes he targets the knuckles, back and neck. Usually, I’m told this feels good. In opposition, usually the parent tells me this ritual has now become a…


May 2018 Newsletter: ConnecTX

May 2018 Newsletter ConnecTX: A Solution Worth Exploring by Dr. Joshua Leuppie What is ConnecTX ? IASTM-Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation; An effective method to break up stubborn scar tissue to restore proper motion and decrease pain levels. ConnecTX is an IASTM that allows the practitioner to use an evidence based, scientifically proven technique to help decrease…


April 2018 Newsletter: Orthotics

April 2018 Newsletter Orthotics by Dr. Sasha Marinaccio Orthotic: “a device (such as a brace or splint) for supporting, immobilizing, or treating muscles, joints, or skeletal parts which are weak, ineffective, deformed, or injured.” While orthotics can be made for many different regions of the body, the most commonly known orthotics are probably foot orthotics, or shoe…