Alexandria DiBello

I started going to Riverview Chiropractic during my pregnancy. Dr. Sasha was so knowledgeable and friendly and always gave me so much relief with each adjustment! The staff is always happy to help you and even when I had some issues with my insurance they sat down and helped me sort things out. I love that you can make appointments online (super quick and easy to do) and that you never wait long prior to your appointment. I brought my daughter to Dr. Sasha when she was just 6 weeks old and she was so gentle and the adjustment truly helped her!! I also went to Camille for a one hour massage and it was just wonderful! I still see Dr. Sasha for routine adjustments and always feel so much better! I cannot recommend Riverview Chiropractic Health enough! – 12/09/2018

Liz Sujka

This place is awesome! I have been helped by these Doctors for over 20 years! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to resolve lingering issues with their health. – 12/29/2018

Heidi Robles

How many places have you gone where they know your name and make you feel welcomed every time you go? This is by far the most welcoming, caring and knowledgeable office of professionals I’ve ever been to. – 12/11/2018

Kaley Donaldson

I’ve been going here for about a year now and I love it. Location is good, I can always get an appointment even on short notice. My only suggestion would be depending on who you’re going to see I would try to get a morning appointment. Like most offices by afternoon early evening they can be running a bit behind. Since I’ve switched to mornings no issues, and sometimes I even get in early! – 11/29/2018

Matthew Romain

Amazing chiropractic care. Dr.Leuppie is amazing and helped get rid of tons of scar tissue and regain mobility in my back and shoulder. Never forces any adjustment and lets everything work it self over time. – 12/11/2018

Katie Cassillo

Dr Tomko is amazing! I’ve had lower back pain for so long and ever since going to her it has been relieved. The staff is so nice and very accommodating if you have to bring children. They are great! – 12/12/2018