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Massage therapy

In the past decade, an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence has supported the claim that massage therapy is beneficial to the body in many ways.  Massage therapy is not only used as preventative medicine, but can also be used to treat many existing ailments.  Muscle soreness, injury or stress, reduction/elimination of headaches, whiplash, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome and tension related respiratory disorders such as bronchial asthma, emphysema and COPD have all seen reported improvement with massage.  Improved posture, improved body motion, reduction of scar tissue, improvement of skin tone, increased circulation, elimination of toxins, reduced inflammation and most of all reduced anxiety all help to promote a healthier well-being through massage. In the offices shared at Riverview Chiropractic Health, PC we have some very experienced therapists available by appointment. They offer techniques in swedish massage, deep tissue, cupping and craniosacral as well as other techniques that have been effective in healing.