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“All the providers that share space here at Riverview Chiropractic Health are trained to fit you for custom orthotics and supportive footwear.”

5 Minutes to Pain Relief

Light Orthotics uses safe UV technology to mold a flexible, light-curing composite material into a rigid orthotic in under 5 minutes. Your provider can fit you in office and provide custom orthotics the same day.

Direct Forming

Light Orthotics represents a new type of casting method. The Light Orthotics method uses a seated, semi-weight bearing position, with the foot and flexible Prethotic® pressed against an elastic fitting film. The elastic film provides resistance against the foot, conforming the Prethotic directly to the plantar surface of the foot during molding. By curing the Prethotic directly on the patient’s foot, Light Orthotics enables an accurate medial and lateral arch fit and more consistency when capturing arch height and heel cup shape.

Light Orthotics are Designed for Comfort

Compliance is improved by a lightweight orthotic that is comfortable for longer wear. The Light Orthotics have breathable PORON® Foam for full-foot cushioning with a shock-absorbing heel pad. The lightweight, semi-rigid composite design includes unidirectional, non-woven fibers and light-curing resin for strength and flexibility without bulk, and the resulting orthotics can be easily modified as needed for the patient. Light Orthotics are available in Full Length and ¾ Length styles, as well as Kids’ sizes.