Helpful for children and adults! Dr. Alaina is so well… read more

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Sarah Bowker

Amazing practice! Honest, professional, patient-loving, wise doctors!!

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Kimberly Sever Goodband

I just LOVE Dr. Sasha!

Staff is also so helpful…
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Melinda Cebulski

Helping generations of families pursue optimal health through Chiropractic... Naturally!

Welcome!  The Health Offices at Riverview Chiropractic Health are located in Kenmore, NY and have been serving the greater Buffalo area for over 45 years. Many generations of families have received healing and moved toward a wellness approach to health through Chiropractic; we are dedicated to helping you and your family make healthy choices.

Our office offers the following services for your healthcare needs:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Massage Therapy
  • Pregnancy care: pre and post natal Chiropractic and Massage Therapy
  • Pediatric care

For many years now, Chiropractors have stood apart from the other healthcare professions as providers of a preventative wellness alternative for a healthy lifestyle, not just a mere removal of symptoms.  By the detection of joints that are not moving properly, our Doctors of Chiropractic can restore function to those joints and increase your body’s healing potential.

Amazing chiropractic care. Dr.Leuppie is amazing and helped get rid of tons of scar tissue and regain mobility in my back and shoulder. Never forces any adjustment and lets everything work it self over time. – Matthew Romain – 12/11/2018 

Dr Tomko is amazing! I’ve had lower back pain for so long and ever since going to her it has been relieved. The staff is so nice and very accommodating if you have to bring children. They are great! – Katie Cassillo – 12/12/2018 

How many places have you gone where they know your name and make you feel welcomed every time you go? This is by far the most welcoming, caring and knowledgeable office of professionals I’ve ever been to. – Heidi Robles – 12/11/2018 

The Chiropractors here have remained on the cutting edge of the profession bringing services to you that include a variety of techniques, diagnostics and protocols to maintain a lifestyle full of vitality. We have a great team of doctors, each with unique gifts, working to serve you.

It’s a privilege to help you and your family with your health needs!


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We accept – Workers Compensation, Automobile Accident, General Insurance and all of our doctors accept cash payments